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Calculate the romantic potential of each zodiac sign with Libra. As a peaceful Libra ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty, you have a fair and friendly way of getting along with everyone. Get to the bottom of your relationship issues with a Love Bottom Line Tarot Reading!.

You can use this natal chart positions tool for determining the sign positions of all your planets, including the Sun, based on your birth date. This tool will tell you your Sun sign accurately if you were born near a cutoff date and you know your birth time. However, the times given below are accurate based on the year. Be sure to adjust for your time zone.

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Eastern time — please adjust to the time zone of your birth , NOT your current residence. Now that you know your Sun sign, read about Sun in the Signs here. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. While you're open about your feelings, it's not the very first thing you like to present. While your fiery Aries side fills you will intense passions, your pursuit of said passions often burns out quick.

You have to feel accepted and admired pretty instantly if something — a relationship, a career field, etc. You tend to talk about how tough and sassy you are, but once someone gets mad at you, you immediately turn into a puppy with its tail between its legs. You go to excessive lengths to make others feel seen and heard when they're around you.

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You don't like to upset or offend anyone, even if that means telling little white lies every now and then. When everyone else zigs, you like to zag just to keep things exciting.

But often times, you have to check yourself just to make sure you're not too far out of line. Just far enough to be a little different. Posted on March 17, , GMT.

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Or consider names that literally mean leader. Taurus personality: Careful, disciplined, and able to do anything they set their mind to, Taureans are known for their persistence, their ability to plan , their loyalty, and how grounded they are in life.

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Just think carefully about all possible nicknames associated with name you choose! Names for Taurus boys: Loyal Taurus loves hearing stories about family members, and naming him after a beloved relative will inspire him to live up to the legacy. Names for Taurus girls. Like their Taurus brothers, Taurus girls feel a connection to the past, so monikers marking relatives, or using last names from the family as first names fit well for this sign.

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Gemini personality: Dramatic, sophisticated, social, and up for anything, the characteristics of Geminis lend themselves well to theatrical names. Names for Gemini boys: Let your little Gemini shine by trying out-of-the-box names by giving him a gender-neutral name that can help him stand out in a crowd. Of course, always the consummate trendsetters, Geminis also love names that firmly make it clear what generation they belong to.

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Unique twists on spelling can help you make a favorite name stand out or name her after a favorite celebrity. Cancer personality: Empathetic, deeply intuitive, and almost psychic, Cancers are well suited to names inspired by art or literature, or names that have a personal meaning in your life.

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Think about naming your child after a favorite artist or the place where you got engaged. Names for Cancer boys: Your Cancerian will be very in-tune with his emotions, and may grow up to be a poet, author, or songwriter.

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Shakespearian names provide a treasure trove of inspiration along with other famous authors. Leo personality: Brave, fearless, and unafraid of the spotlight, Leo loves attention and thrives on being a leader. Names for Leo boys: The lion is the king of the jungle, so looking to royalty for some name inspiration makes sense for this sign. Or get inspiration from trailblazers in history.

Names for Leo girls: A little Leo demands attention from day one.

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